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Need Work Done On Your Graffiti in Gisborne VIC?

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Has your property been recently tagged by graffiti vandals in Melbourne? Worry not. Opt for a graffiti removal specialist from Prestige House Painting in Melbourne to get it removed quickly and without any damage. The government of Australia spends more than $2 billion annually for graffiti removal, and it costs $100 million approximately to remove graffiti in Melbourne city alone. Vandals can paint any surface, be it a brick wall, signage, or any surface, without caring about the damage and nuisance it can cause for any public property or owner of a commercial site. But rather than struggling to remove graffiti ineffectively, it would be wise if you seek our graffiti removal services in Gisborne for an efficient cleaning job.

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Graffiti Removal in Gisborne by Prestige House Painting

High-pressure Graffiti Cleaning Services

Although graffiti can be considered street art, it can become a nuisance when vandals can tag your private or commercial property.

However, our graffiti removal experts will have the proper equipment and experience to remove graffiti from even the toughest surfaces. They can remove the stains by using high-pressure cleaners, which use the pressure of water to remove layers of paint from the surfaces.

Our specialized cleaning services start the graffiti removal process by inspecting the surface so that there is only a minimal need for chemicals. State-of-the-art high-pressure cleaning machines are used and boiling water is used to remove all signs of vandalism.

Furthermore, our professional graffiti removal services in Melbourne would give you a free demonstration for pressure cleaning. So you can judge for yourself if we have the right expertise for graffiti removal and can match your requirements.

Chemical Graffiti Removal Melbourne

Amateurs don’t understand the graffiti removal needs, such as restoring your building to its original state without causing any damage. Using incorrect techniques, chemicals, or other materials and equipment for cleaning can cause permanent damage to the surface. So, it is crucial for you to hire only a professional graffiti removal service for the cleaning job. We understand the need not to use harsh flammable chemicals or caustic soda, which can strip the original paint from the logos or signage of your company.

Our professional graffiti removal team will only use environmental-friendly and biodegradable chemicals. In addition, the latest breakthrough in graffiti removal services, the Surface Active Technology, is applied by our professional company to remove stubborn paint spots.

Original State Restoration

Our professional graffiti removal team in Melbourne has the skill and advanced equipment to remove graffiti from any surface of your house or commercial property without damaging it.

It is vital to remove the graffiti soon after vandalism because it reduces the chances of more attacks if the paint is cleaned within 48 hours. Our graffiti specialists will only clean the affected surfaces and take care not to damage the areas surrounding them.

Furthermore, we can also restore worn down or faded surfaces due to elements such as UV rays and weather. We also provide other services such as cleaning spots and dirt via high-pressure cleaners, stripping surfaces, and reapplying paint coats where necessary.

Anti-graffiti Coating

If graffiti vandals are marking your property continuously, you can always ask for an anti-graffiti coating from Prestige House Painting. It will save you from the cost of removing graffiti every other day.

Moreover, another benefit of adding a layer will prevent your property from high maintenance costs. The anti-graffiti coating is breathable and can be applied to any surface. Also, it will efficiently protect the building against dirt, mold, and any other contaminants, prolonging its life and increasing its market value.

Need for Graffiti Removal Services in Melbourne

In Australia, unauthorized graffiti is illegal, including in Melbourne city, and must be reported and removed at once if you don’t wish that the property value of your building be reduced.

Some property owners in Melbourne consider graffiti removal a waste of time and money.

In contrast, others believe that the graffiti vandals will come back and continue tagging the buildings.

So, what’s the point of removing it if someone else marks the building again. However, ignoring this behavior can often lead to antisocial behavior, theft, and vandalism of properties in the immediate area.

In addition, for owners of businesses in Melbourne, it can create a poor image of them in the eyes of their customers if they won’t remove graffiti from their buildings.

If vandals do the graffiti tagging continuously, it could become a nuisance.

More layers of spray paint will keep adding up over the previous ones, costing you more time and money to fix and restore the property to its original condition.

But hiring the services of graffiti removal services in Melbourne can work wonders. It can be a cost-effective solution for your building maintenance, restoring it to its original state.

Furthermore, our professional team can offer you a free quote without any upfront charges and will get graffiti removed at once from your premises.

Our graffiti removalists have the necessary expertise to clean graffiti from any street, brick wall, signage, and site, private or public property.

So opt for our insured graffiti cleaning services that follow safety standards and are licensed to manage traffic and pedestrians as the graffiti removal process is often done in public places.

Our graffiti removal experts will apply various ways to remove the stains from the buildings in a timely manner without damaging them or reducing their property value.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will your Melbourne graffiti removal service cost?

The average cost of removing graffiti is determined based on per square foot of removal area, labor, and other materials price.

Also, transport expenses will also be added, such as getting the truck with supplies and laborers to the site in Melbourne for graffiti removal.

If graffiti can fade over time, would I still need to remove it from my site?

Graffiti is not easily removed, and amateurs can strip the original paint or cause permanent damage to the building.

Even if graffiti fades over time, it will do so by bubbling and peeling like any paint exposed to harsh UV rays and weather elements.

So, it could cause more mess and look even worse than the original graffiti job. That is why it is vital to remove graffiti before it could provoke anti-social behavior, vandalism, and damage your property more.

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