About Us

Prestige House Painting

Set up well over three decades ago, we value tradition. And as part of our traditional views, we focus on delivering customer friendly solutions with the help of our committed team of master painters and decorators who are all certified experts with prior years of training and experience.

When it comes to the materials, we can help you make the right choice with our house painters and commercial painting team guiding you every step of the way. Our services are available throughout Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, and in the Geelong areas of Victoria.

Painting your property serves well in rejuvenating its interiors and exteriors while also allowing you an opportunity to improvise on the decor and the finish. With a diverse range of paint solutions, we help you explore unique ideas that are high on quality, style and finish.

We have extensive experience in commercial painting for schools, hospitals as well as retail shops. Our painters and decorators have ample experience styling and renovating homes and residential complexes too, bringing to the table innovative designs and customised solutions. If painting your house challenges you then nothing can be more as challenging as finishing your home’s exteriors.

Features Of Prestige House Painting

  • Excellent resources both manpower and materials
  • Hassle free, efficient paint services
  • Experienced and certified painters and decorators
  • Array of painting and decorating designs and solutions
  • Excellent repair and maintenance program for your structures
  • Reliable and timely completion of projects
  • Insured services